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Safer Van Driving

A foundation course for the first-time van driver and a refresher for the more seasoned van driver on safety, compliance and fuel-efficient driving.

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Safe & fuel-efficient van driving 

What's included?

  • 14 Video based modules
  • Downloadable PDF's with links to additional resources
  • e-books with module content listed 
  • End of course test
  • Certificate of Professional Development issued on course completion

About this course

Driving most modern vans is almost like driving a big car, however, unless you are a trained and experienced van driver, there are a few pitfalls that can be problematic for you and your business if you are not aware of them. This course aims to provide new and seasoned van drivers with the knowledge required for safety and compliance as well as showcasing a section on defensive, fuel-efficient driving techniques.
Meet the TRAINER

Adrian Hide

HI, I'm Adrian and I'm a Driver Risk Management Specialist and Trainer with over 30 years experience. My aim is to help drivers go about their driving in the safest way possible. I believe that training plays a part in this, but, your commitment to your and others safety is key. You are potentially demonstrating that commitment by considering this course, which I've created in a style that feels like I'm in the training room with you, if you do decide to enrol, I hope you find the course helpful and enjoyable.

Adrian Hide  promoting 'safer driving in the workplace'
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